Helium (He); Atomic Number 2; Noble Gas Group. Helium is a rare, clean and inert gas.

Helium’s unique properties (lowest boiling point, small atomic size and weight, unreactive nature, and high thermal conductivity) mean that it is irreplaceable in many applications and without substitute.

Helium is a unique industrial gas that exhibits characteristics both of a bulk, commodity gas and of a high value specialty gas and is considered a “high tech” strategic element.

Due to its unique chemical and physical qualities, Helium is a vital element in the manufacture of MRIs and semiconductors and is critical for fibre optic cable manufacturing, hard disc manufacture and cooling, space exploration, rocketry, lifting and high-level science.

There is no way of manufacturing helium artificially and most of the world’s reserves have been derived as a by-product of the extraction of natural hydrocarbon gas.